About Me

Sup Guys,

Text that girl

I have been a closet introvert my whole life. Terrified to speak to people, terrified of saying the

wrong thing, and having little to no self-esteem. What is absolutely crazy is I could give all my friends great advice about their friends, relationships, and careers.

Yet when it came to me I was totally locked up. I have been given my fair share of numbers from girls, sadly without great luck. The few I chose to text either immediately ghosted me, or worse text me for a day then “poof” she was gone.

Those days are far behind me now thanks to the Text That Girl system! I am in the driver seat with my confidence, with my desires, and with my productivity not just on the girl front, this book has improved my social skills, online, in person, professionally, and many other areas!

I created this site as a rereview of the Text That Girl system because I know just from my circles that I am not alone. I know there are countless guys out there feeling the same fears, the same frozen terrifying, immobilizing fears…

From me to you this system works, and Race is so confident that it works he gives you two months to try it out! You have nothing to lose…

Bottom line I got my dream girl, are you going to get yours or let someone else outshine you?


Steven White