How To Get The Girl!

What Do I Text Her?

How to text girls

It happens to all of us, sitting in class, work, church, or even at the gym, you see that girl who is 12 on a 10 scale. You think about her, hope you can see her, hear her laugh, see her smile, just being around her makes your day that much better!

You watch how she interacts with guys, is she single, is she just flirty, is she available…Thoughts like these can drive you nuts! So finally, one day you grow a pair and just walk up to her and say hi.

She gives you a huge smile and you two chat for a few minutes, you work up the nerve and ask for her number, and she actually gives you her number…

You are ecstatic grinning from ear to ear, you even do a jump when she walks away! You are on top of the world, then suddenly you realize that now you must text her… What do I text her… When you should text her, is today to soon, is tomorrow too late, you do not want to come off as creepy…

Oh man the pressure mounts, DO NOT blow this man! If you say the wrong thing that could be it… she has absolutely no obligation to respond or even acknowledge you text her…

DO NOT screw this up like so many guys do every day, you need to do it better, smarter, and with more game than the other guy.

What are you going to do to stand out?

Grab her attention, make her think about you every day, honestly have her eating out of your hand…

Take a deep breath guys, luckily for us there is a guide to texting girls! Here is a quick testimonial…

“Had a Date Lined Up Within An Hour…”

I had a bunch of phone numbers from girls I’d met over the years but never dated, including a few I barely knew whose names were in my phone book like “Amanda Likes Elephants” and “Caroline VeryFine” (see I already had my own system for naming ’em heh). So I figured heck, let’s see [if] this guy has an advice on how to pull these girls back from out of nowhere. Shot out one of your re-engaging texts to five of ’em, and got back four responses, most of em saying “who is this”.

Of course I responded with your handler for that question, and they ALL loved it. One of them thought I was charming enough (with the stuff you taught me – if only she knew!) that she wanted to see me that night, and I had a date lined up within an hour! Couldn’t believe it was this EASY! Thanks for putting together such a killer resource. Let me know if you’re ever in Orlando cause I owe you a drink or five!

– Owen, Orlando, FL

It is way easier than you think, this guide by Race DePriest is an incredible guide to becoming a texting ROCKSTAR!

I know this sounds to go to be true, how do I know that this guy is legit, I was the same way but as Race asked me, “Does any of this sound familiar?”

  • Did She Stop Responding? NO PROBLEM!
  • Not Sure How to Ask Her Out? NO What do I text herPROBLEM!
  • Did You Offend Her? NO PROBLEM!
  • She keeps Flaking? NO PROBLEM!
  • First Text Got You Stumped? NO PROBLEM!
  • She’s Declining Your Invites? NO PROBLEM!
  • Feel Like She’s Stringing You Along? NO PROBLEM!
  • She Doesn’t Even Remember You? Haha…NO PROBLEM!

This easy to learn system will have her eating out of your hand doing things like:

  • Make Her Smile and Laugh…
    with every single text you send!
  • Build Massive Attraction…
    even if she wasn’t into you at first!
  • Skip the Date and Get Her To…
    come directly to your place to “hang out”
  • Bring out Her Secret “Naughty Side”
    and get her to send you pics and more…

But before we get started, if she is half as attractive as you think she is the truth is she probably has multiple guys texting her, the question is…

  • HOW are you going to stand out
  • HOW are you going to be different and unique
  • HOW are you going to get her to respond and remember you?

Something guys often forget this is what keeps her in control, she has several guys interested and is entertained constantly. She is waiting for someone to stick out and grab her attention, why not you!


It worked for Jose!

“She Chose Me Because Of Your Texts!”

Hi Race, I want to thank you so much. There’s a girl I had a huge crush on, and I knew that she is popular because she is so pretty and fun. I had known her for about five months and I would have given my pinky finger to get her out. Well now she is my girlfriend and it all started because of you. I even asked her a few days ago what made her like me and she said that she chose me because of your texts. She doesn’t know their yours of course but she said it was the playful challenge that made her want to talk to me. I notice too that I am now a lot wittier after having practice txting some girls so I have to say that you probably helped my life more than most of my teachers and I wanted you to know that..

– Jose, Denver, CO

There are three principles of this system that are crucial to your success texting girls…

  • How to build “unconscious” rapport so she feels like she’s talking to an old, trusted friend… that she can share anything with you. (this is the exact same principal used extensively by Russian Premier Vladimir Putin… you know – the guy who has an iron grip on Russia).
  • How to tap into a “social pattern” from her grade school days that all the popular boys would use to playfully tease her. The instant you send her this text, it will instantly trigger her sassy, playful side, and give her the same feeling as she had when she was chasing the “top dog” at the playground in 3rd grade
  • How to zero in with laser precision on her tests (and trust me – she will test you if she likes you) and respond with a “Zen-like” cool that sends shudders of excitement through her body to know that she’s talking to a guy who “gets it”


Text That Girl is the perfect guide to make you a ROCKSTAR and take your game into the stratosphere!  Best of all it’s 100% GUARANTEED to work!


What does that mean? That means one third of the time you’re not going get a chance to charm her face to face, before you’re going to have to get her attention through messaging or text!

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Text That Girl takes all the guess work out of it!

“Best Dating Advice I’ve Ever Received”

I’m sure you get a lot of people writing you Race. Here’s one more that you can put on your website: TEXT THAT GIRL!is the best dating advice I’ve ever received. Taught me to be so much funnier, wittier, and all that. All because of text messaging – who’d have guessed it mate?

– Dave, Brisbane, AUS

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How you could improve your online dating success if you had full confidence in your ability to grab her attention and keep it… “The First Text Quickstart” teaches you:

  • The first text “no-no’s” – things you MUST avoid if you don’t want to be stuck in “chump” purgatory
  • The 3 things that absolutely must be present in your first text if you want to get the best response possible from your girl
  • The proper way to answer the dreaded “Who is this?” text and spike her curiosity (and of course, if you answer this wrong, you’re are dead in the water)
  • How to know exactly when to end a text conversation so she is left wanting more

The information included in the “Text That Girl” system is priceless and it is not just for those on the hunt for a relationship, Race’s

Text2Sex section will bring out a new side of the misses you NEVER knew existed!

“She Became A Lioness In The Bedroom”

This is terrible to admit but I bought your program because I was getting kind of bored with my GF. We never had good sex and I was thinking about playing the field with a few numbers that I had picked up before we started dating. Shameful, I know. But I started using your Text2Sex stuff with my girl and discovered this side of her personality that I didn’t know how to bring out before. She became a lioness in the bedroom and I feel so much better now because I really do love her and this was the big “missing link” in our relationship. I’m happy, she’s happy, it’s all good now. Can’t thank you enough Race.

        – David, Singapore

If you are still a little skeptical I totally understand, I was as well, the crazy part that got me is Race offers a 60 DAY money back GUARANTEE!

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You have nothing to lose guys the clock is ticking get instant access to Text That Girl today!

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